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The Avatars

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Live action



Three teenagers who share a love for music, dream of becoming world-famous rock stars. Un­fortunately, despite their talent, the boys are...

Penny on M.A.R.S


Penny is the daughter of Bakia, the most famous popstar of the hour. With her best friend Camilla, she decides to attend M.A.R.S., the most...

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Kev's World


“The worst thing about being 9 years that you’re 9 years old!” Don’t do this, don’t go there, set the table, don’t use your fingers to...

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Rescuing Santa

6x28' - 1x88'

Four children are invited as Santa’s guests to Christmas Wonderland after having written a touching letter to Santa Claus. Upon arriving, the...

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Chris & Mas and Santa's Workshop


Who has never wondered what Santa does during the rest of the year? Well, he’s busy working! For the first time, Santa has agreed to open the doors...

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