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France 1788 1/2



Photo: Charlotte Schousboe

Times are changing. It is the eve of the French Revolution. Society is in upheaval, the aristocracy is in decline, and one ill-fated nobleman just can’t catch a break. For the Count of Montaubier, life is about to go from bad to worse. As the masses prepare to take to the streets, the Count and his bohemian family are the unsuspecting victims of a double conspiracy – by the old nobility and the new bourgeousie. Meanwhile, our poor Montaubier keeps his head in the clouds and his brain in his pants. He has been chased from his château, his lands are mortgaged to the hilt, his wife has fled to a convent, and his daughters, well, they have minds of their own. In the face of these struggles, will the Count ever regain his paradise lost? And, if so, at what cost? This period comedy in the tradition of Rowan Atkinson’s Black Adder pokes fun at the foibles of history, finding humor where we least expect it.

Fiction TV Film festival, La Rochelle: SPECIAL JURY PRIZE

Drama > Series

Series / Comedy
Producer(s) & Channel(s):
DEMD productions / France 3 / FONTANA / RTBF
Olivier Guignard
Sam Karmann, Natacha Lindinger, Julie Voisin, Lou de Laage, Camille Claris, Hubert Kounde & Bruno Debrandt
2009 - 2010
English / French
Available rights:
French-speaking territories / Worldwide