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Scary Larry





Photo: Genao Productions / 1492 Television / Cartoon Pictures

Rock ‘n’ Howl, baby!! Ghoulish teens are making monstrous music in Frightsylvania. Larry, the teenage werewolf, and his beastly housemates live for the gigs but are way behind on the rent.

There’s Victoria the vampire,  charmingly nasty and definitely NOT into Larry; Frank the cute drummer, aka the experiment gone TOTALLY wrong; Cleo, the three thousand year-old teenage mummy who plays bass. And Carl, a terrifyingly powerful alien who’d rather just look after his rabbits.

Between ruminating on how to handle their future life as  teen idols, surviving the new day and finding a good location to rock out tonight… It’s war, 24/7!!!

Larry and his friends live for Rock ‘n’ Roll, and take it very seriously, even as day-to-day life throws them one curve ball after another. Since they're teens, everything is awwwfull or awwwesome, and can change from one to the other in the blink of an eye! Larry and his friends are going to make it big! Just as soon as they figure out how to make rock fans “get” their groove, and – oh yeah... pay that rent !

Youth > 6-10 years

6-10 years
Producer(s) & Channel(s):
Genao Productions / 1492 Television / Cartoon Pictures / Canal + Famille
Annabelle Perrichon
2010 - 2012
English / French
Available rights: