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Photo: Imagissime/Aito Media

In 1991, a peaceful community gathered in Northern Finland to take part in an extreme ecological and scientific experiment: setting up a sustainable tribal camp under the Arctic Circle. Inspired by the practices of the Mik'Maq Amerindians of Quebec, these European Indians live in communities under tepees, practice veganism and want to reinvent a tribal way of life in harmony with nature in an increasingly polluting industrial world. They are guided by a man, Norman William, a Métis Indian shaman from Quebec, who pushes them to live more and more in harmony with Mother Nature by getting rid of the comfort of an overly destructive Western way of life. They call themselves the "Iriadament" people, a chosen people who must swarm the world to save it from a predicted ecological catastrophe. Little by little, these European Indians abandon their individuality to follow the teachings of the shaman.

But where does this Tribe come from? The Indians are French, Belgians, Italians, Finns, Canadians, all young precursors of the ecological cause in rebellion against a destructive and liberticidal society. They have gathered in the Parisian region since the 1970s, in the midst of the birth of ecological consciousness, and spent 15 years walking across Europe to perfect their tribal identity before arriving in Finland. Norman William is known by many names throughout Europe, he is being prosecuted in Belgium by the courts and pointed at by violent press campaigns. For journalists, Norman William is a guru and the Iriadamant are a sect. For the Iriadament, they fight concretely to reinvent a society and avoid the ecological crisis.

Already driven out of France, then Belgium, the Tribe was soon threatened by the same attacks in Finland. Norman William's authority is questioned when unknown faces of the character are revealed. Within the camp, the situation deteriorates and discordant voices appear. Everyone begins to ask the question: how far am I willing to go to save the planet?

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Producer(s) & Channel(s):
Imagissime, Aito Media, YLE Areena, RTBF
Yvonne Debeaumarché, Hannu Kontturi
Finland / France
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