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Four people on the fringes of society are going to each make a "seismic" encounter. Four vagabond characters, with seemingly no future, will discover the meaning of hope.
For Jo and Faustine, two worlds collide: misery and opulence, illiteracy and culture. One is a young woman living out of her broken car, while the other, a wannabe writer, ran away from her family and her comfortable consumerist life. Jo is a mess of exploding emotions with a heavy past, and Faustine might be the one about to write her one-of-a-kind story.
Soha and Anastasia are two young and isolated vagabonds, damaged by drugs and the harsh conditions of living in the street. They stumble upon one another only to become inseparable. Together, they run away from their past to walk hand in hand into a better present.
Will they go back to their old ways? Or will their newfound friendship and love be the force they need to aspire to a "normal" life?

The Method Fest Independent Film Festival (LA, CA, USA) 2020 - 3 Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (Pauline Bression), Breakout Acting Award (Marysole Fertard), Variety Best Ensemble Cast.

Prize: Best Ensemble Cast 2020

Melech Tel-Aviv Film Festival (Tel-Aviv, Israël) 2020 - 1 Nomination: Best Drama 2020

Prize: Best Drama 2020

Paris Arts & Movie Awards (Paris, France) 2020 - 2 Nominations: Best Feature Film, Best Director (Philippe Dajoux)

Prize: Best Feature Film 2020

Austin Film Festival (Austin, TX, USA) 2020 - 1 Nomination: Narrative Feature Jury Award

Montreal Independent Film Festival (Montreal, QC, Canada) 2020 - 1 Nomination: Best Narrative Feature

Prize: Best Narrative Feature

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Producer(s) & Channel(s):
Lily & Lola Studios
Philippe Dajoux
Sergi Lopez, Pauline Bression, Aurélie Reihorn, Bryan Trésor, Marysole Fertard, Sacha Bourdo
English / French
Available rights:
French-speaking territories / Worldwide