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El secreto de Puente Viejo




Photo : Atresmedia / Boomerang Tv


Set in rural Spain in the early 20th century, “Old Bridge Secret“, tells the story of Pepa the midwife; an incredible woman who fought to find her stolen child and freely live out a love that was forbidden in the eyes of society at the time. 

After almost 700 episodes, and after a seventeen-year jump in time, this story is now in the past and Pepa's children, Gonzalo and Aurora, have now taken over where their dead mother left off.  And so, Gonzalo (Martín), now Old Bridge's new priest, will protagonize a new love triangle. A great story of impossible love. Meanwhile, Aurora, who is the spitting image of Balmes, will have to fend for herself among her kin until they finally recognize that she is the daughter of Tristán and Pepa. 

But this is not the only surprise awaiting viewers....

Fiction > Télénovelas

Producteur(s) & Chaîne(s) :
Atresmedia / Boomerang Tv
Acteurs(s) :
María Bouzas, Jordi Coll, Loreto Mauleón, Claudi Galán, Rubén Bernal
Année :
2011 - 2018
Versions :
Anglais / Espagnol
Nationalités :
Droits :
France / International