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Sea Power : au coeur des batailles navales



Photo : Imagissime/LOOKSFilms

“Sea Power, A Story of Battleships” tells the history of 20th century naval warfare through the personal stories of the men and women who sailed, fought, and died on these incredible – and lethal – machines.

Warships are the stars of the series. We see them in newly declassified and never-beforeseen footage, explore those that have been preserved in museums or at the bottom of the ocean, and sail aboard replicas, preserved antiques, and modern working vessels. We use animations to bring their details to life…and to reveal their deepest secrets. And we tell the personal stories that are their beating hearts.

Factual > Histoire

Producteur(s) & Chaîne(s) :
Imagissime, LOOKSFilms, RMC Découverte, ZDFInfo
Réalisateur(s) :
Marie Perrin & Anna Schwartz
Auteur(s) :
Florian Dedio & Michaela MacMahon
Année :
Versions :
Allemand / Anglais / Français
Nationalités :
Allemagne / France
Droits :
France / International